Shamrockin' Scavenger Hunt                                  pRESENTED BY LUCKY CALIFORNIA

Can You Find Glen?

The mischievous leprechauns are playing tricks on our community and have hidden Glen the Guide and shamrocks all throughout town.  Help us find them all and win some St. Patrick's Day-themed goodies. 

​How to Play:

Download the GooseChase app. You may select "Play as Guest" or "Play with New Account."

To Play as a Guest:

1. Enter the game code "DUBLINSTPATS" and click "submit."
2. Select "Join Game" to begin the challenge.

To Play with a New Account:

1. Create a username, password, and enter your email address. Then select "Sign Up."
2. You will be taken to a welcome screen where you can select "Search for a Game". Enter the game code "DUBLINSTPATS" and click "Submit."
3. To enter the game, select "Join Game," where you will confirm your email address and select "Join."
4. Create your player profile, enter your player name, and select "Create Player and Join Game!"

Show City of Dublin staff that you completed the hunt by  March 20 and then schedule an appointment to pick-up your goodie bag!

pot of gold (002)