The Green General Store

an old car parked in front of the Green General Store with a group of men standing around

​The Green General Store

  • Registered with California’s Office of Historic Preservation December 7, 1979.
  • This building is not officially a part of Heritage Park, but it does sit right across the street and played a very important role in the development of Dublin.
  • Established by John Green and built in 1860, this was Dublin’s first store
  • George Kolb Jr. purchased the store in 1894 and ran it until 1909, at that time it was known as the Kolb’s General Store.
  • In 1896 George Kolb Jr. married Wilhelmina Hartung and they moved into a cottage behind the store (where Challenge Butter is now)
  • This building has been many things over the years; general store, post office, library, restaurants, and is now a church.