Fire Services & Prevention

Serving Alameda County

Fire protection services are provided under contract with the Alameda County Fire Department (ACFD). In all, the department serves approximately 508 square miles and a daytime population of 517,000 people. ACFD also includes three specialized response teams, which include:   

  • Hazardous Materials Unit
  • Urban Search and Rescue Unit
  • Water Rescue Team Unit

Emergency Response

In addition to fire suppression, the Alameda County Fire Department provides, under contract, first-responder/paramedic services on all engine companies and all necessary fire and emergency medical support services.

Dublin Fire Prevention Bureau

 The Dublin Fire Prevention Bureau performs plan reviews and inspections of new construction. Prior to the issuance of a building permit, the Dublin Fire Prevention Bureau reviews all building plans to ensure that the plans comply with all applicable fire codes and regulations.

Ensuring Code Compliance

Fire prevention inspectors conduct periodic inspections of facilities to ensure that business operations are conducted in a safe manner and are consistent with the conditions of approval. The Fire Prevention Bureau also issues permits and conducts inspections for special events such as festivals, events with tents or canopies, and fireworks booths. These services are provided under contract with Alameda County Fire Department, and is located at the Dublin Civic Center.