Avoiding Census Fraud and Scams

It is important to know that the Census Bureau will not send unsolicited emails to request your participation in the 2020 Census. Further, during the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau will never ask for:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your bank account or credit card numbers.
  • Money or donations.

In addition, the Census Bureau will not contact you on behalf of a political party.

How to verify a mailing is from the Census Bureau:

Households will receive an invitation in the mail to complete the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail.

  • The return address will be “U.S. Census Bureau” or “U.S. Department of Commerce” in Jeffersonville, IN.
  • If a paper questionnaire is included, the enclosed envelope to mail it back will be addressed to Jeffersonville, IN, or Phoenix, AZ.

Read more on the Census Bureau’s website.

How to identify a census taker or Census Bureau field representative:

If someone visits your home to collect a response for the 2020 Census, you can do the following to verify their identity:

First, check to make sure that they have a valid ID badge, with their photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark, and an expiration date.

If you still have questions about their identity, you can call 844-330-2020 to speak with a Census Bureau representative.

Read more on the Census Bureau’s website.

2020 Census follow-up calls:

After you have responded to the 2020 Census, you may receive a follow-up phone call from the Census Bureau. We contact a small sample of households who have completed the Census as part of our quality control process.

The purpose of these calls is to ensure that no person is left out of the Census or counted in more than one place. We review your response in order to ensure that we have a complete and accurate count for the 2020 Census.

Any phone call you receive will be brief, and all responses are kept confidential. The 2020 Census caller will not ask about your financial information or Social Security number. They will only be reviewing the responses to the 2020 Census that you previously provided.

Reporting Suspected Fraud

If you suspect fraud, call 844-330-2020 to speak with a Census Bureau representative. Or, to contact someone locally, you can also inform Alameda County Complete Count Committee via email.

4- Census 2020 workers will never ask for *Documentation status *financial info *any form of payment