Temporary Public Art - Adirondack Chairs

"A Chair to Remember" 

A “Chair to Remember” was a temporary public art display featuring 20 uniquely decorated Adirondack Chairs beautifully painted by local artists. 

In late 2019, the City invited artists to submit proposals to be considered for the project. Eighteen artists were selected to paint the 20 chairs. The theme for the project was “New American Backyard.” 

The chairs were on display from March 2020 through mid-September 2020 at local businesses and City facilities throughout Dublin.  They were then gathered for the final exhibition at Dublin Civic Center. The project concluded with a public auction in which the chairs were sold to local community members. Revenue generated from the auction will be used to support future public art programs. 

For larger pictures of each chair, the artist's name, and a short chair description, view the "A Chair to Remember" brochure.

Adirondack Chairs Trio