Solid Waste and Recycling

In the City of Dublin, Amador Valley Industries (AVI) provides weekly collection service for garbage, recycling, and organics.  The guides below provide specifics on service offerings.  Please direct questions regarding rates, collection schedules, and related issues to Amador Valley Industries at 925-479-9545. 

StopWaste-RESource-curbside Service guide with three types of waste recepticles.

Check out this curbside guide to find out what goes where.

Organics poster

Please place food scraps, food soiled paper, and plant debris in the green organics cart for composting. Contact AVI to request a kitchen pail for use in your kitchen to collect food scraps while you cook and cleanup.  

Recycling goods poster

Recycle all glass bottles and jars, aluminum and tin cans, hard plastics, newspaper, mixed paper and cardboard. Small household batteries can be recycled when contained in a clear plastic bag and placed on top of the recycling cart on collection day.

Garbage items poster

Items that are not accepted in recycling or organics and are non-hazardous material belong in the garbage.

Hazardous waste should be taken to designated facilities for proper disposal.  

FREE Large Item Services

Call AVI at 925-479-9545 to schedule free large item service. Dublin residents are entitled to 3 on-call large item pick-ups per year (for condominium and apartments tenants, please contact your property manager as pick-ups may be different). These pick-ups are an ideal way for residents to dispose of any bulky material that cannot fit in the carts.

Large items include such things as tires, refrigerators, computers, monitors, television, stereos, etc. For a complete list of acceptable items and rules which residents must follow, please consult the How-To Guide.

AVI Bulky Pickup