The City of Dublin increasingly relies on the efficient use of clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of today and future generations. Dublin residents have a number of incentives and opportunities to become more energy efficient and reduce environmental impacts. Explore the tabs to the left to see some of what is available and start making a positive environmental impact!

East Bay Community Energy

In order to offer Dublin businesses and residents cleaner energy and to help the City of Dublin (City) achieve its Climate Action Plan goals, the Dublin City Council voted to join East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) on November 15, 2016.   Since the summer of 2019, all City accounts have been opted up to EBCE’s Renewable 100 electric power portfolio.  Renewable 100 is 100% renewable power sourced from California wind and solar and free of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions!  Dublin is proud of the leadership that it showed by enrolling municipal electric accounts into Renewable 100, however municipal electricity comprises only a small portion of the energy consumed by buildings in Dublin.  To help the City get one step closer to achieving its Climate Action Plan goals, Dublin City Council adopted a Resolution at the January 12, 2021, City Council meeting to request that EBCE enroll City of Dublin residential accounts in Renewable 100 as the default electricity product.  The EBCE Board approved the request and EBCE is preparing to begin transitioning Dublin residential accounts to Renewable 100 in January 2022.  Monthly residential bills on Renewable 100 generally average between $3 to $5 more per month over the course of a year and will save approximately 13,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or about one quarter of the GHG emissions that can be achieved through the measures in the updated CAP.  

Residents retain the option to opt-down to EBCE’s Bright Choice power portfolio, which the current default electric power product and is offered at 1% less than PG&E’s standard rates, or opt-out to PG&E. CARE, FERA and medical baseline residents will remain on the Bright Choice power portfolio. For more information, contact the Environmental Services Division in the Public Works Department at 925-833-6630 or via email at


Energy Financing and Rebates

Make sure you check out some of the energy efficiency financing and rebate programs available to you so that you can save energy and money in your home. 

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