The City of Dublin increasingly relies on the efficient use of clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of today and future generations. Dublin residents have a number of incentives and opportunities to become more energy efficient and reduce environmental impacts. Explore the tabs to the left to see some of what is available and start making a positive environmental impact!

Dublin Electricity Accounts transitioned to 100% Renewable Energy in January 2022

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), now called Ava Community Energy (Ava), began serving Dublin residential, business, and municipal electricity customers in 2018. Customers were placed on Ava's Bright Choice service, which is priced one-percent below PG&E rates and is approximately five-percent more renewable energy than PG&E. 

To help meet the greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals set in the City of Dublin’s Climate Action Plan 2030 and Beyond, the Dublin City Council voted in January 2021 to set the default electricity option for Dublin residences to Ava's Renewable 100 service, which began in January 2022. All municipal electric accounts in Dublin have been powered by Renewable 100 since July 2019. 

Renewable 100 service is sourced from California wind and solar facilities, including a new wind farm in Livermore. Renewable 100 costs an additional one-cent per kilowatt-hour above PG&E rates. That’s about five dollars more per month for a typical Dublin home.

Customers who prefer to power their home with Bright Choice are welcome to do so by visiting and clicking on “Remain on Bright Choice,” or by contacting Ava's call center at  1-833-699-3223. Customers who are on CARE, FERA, and Medical Baseline programs will remain on Bright Choice service automatically, but can still choose Renewable 100. Customers can change their Ava service or return to PG&E service at anytime.

To learn more about your electric service choices, please visit or contact Ava's call center.

Energy Financing and Rebates

Make sure you check out some of the energy efficiency financing and rebate programs available to you so that you can save energy and money in your home. 

Ava Community Energy

Ava Community Energy 


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