Construction and Demolition Services

  • All construction and demolition (C&D) projects must recycle at least 65% of the waste for remodels or tenant improvements.
  • For new construction, 75% of the waste generated on the job site must be recycled, excluding asphalt and concrete debris, of which 100% must be recycled. 
  • Review the Construction and Demolition Ordinance Info Packet for specific procedures to comply with these requirements.
  • For questions or additional information, please contact the Building Division at 925-833-6620.
  • Contact Amador Valley Industries (AVI) at 925-479-9545  to arrange for C&D collection.  AVI is the exclusive service provider for construction and demolition debris collection. View the Municipal Code, Section 5.32.130 for a short list of exceptions to using AVI's service.

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Hazardous Waste

Are there any extra materials that you need to buy or sell?

Try the California Materials Exchange (CalMax) a free, online materials exchange service designed to help businesses, organizations, local governments, industry, schools, and individuals find markets for non-hazardous materials that may otherwise be discarded.