Trash, Recycling, and Organics Service

In the City of Dublin, Amador Valley Industries (AVI) provides weekly collection service for garbage, recycling, and organics.  The guides below provide specifics on service offerings.  Please direct questions regarding rates, collection schedules, and related issues to Amador Valley Industries at 925-479-9545. 

  • Effective January 1, 2020, Alameda County Waste Management Authority’s Mandatory Compost and Recycling Ordinance 2012-01 began in the City of Dublin.
    • All Dublin multi-family properties with five or more units and all businesses will be required to recycle.
    • Businesses that regularly generate organics and multi-family properties with five or more units are required to arrange for separate collection of organics (food scraps, compostable paper, and plant debris).
  • State law AB 341 and AB 1826 also require many multi-family properties and businesses to subscribe to recycling and organics collection service.
  • Create custom wall signs for recycling, organics, and garbage. Please refer to AVI's collection programs for acceptable materials in each waste stream.
  • Check out AVI's commercial recycling guide.
Organics poster
Recycling goods poster
Garbage items poster

AVI offers a 50% discount on all commercial food waste/organics collection services, including the new organics cart service for businesses. For more information about free assistance and resources, visit the AVI website

AVI offers a 75% discount on all commercial recycling and cardboard only collection services for your clean dry paper, cardboard, glass containers, plastic bottles, and metal cans. Visit the AVI website for more information, free assistance, and resources for recycling.

Items that are not accepted in recycling or organics and are non-hazardous material belong in the garbage.

Hazardous waste should be taken to the designated facilities for proper disposal. 

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