Affordable Housing Development Information


On July 21, 2020, the Dublin City Council directed staff to issue a Letter of Intent to Eden Housing (Eden) to provide funding for an affordable rental housing project at 6541 Regional Street in Downtown Dublin.  In addition, the City Council adopted a Resolution authorizing staff to submit an application and receive grant funds from the State of California’s Local Housing Trust Fund Program and authorizing the reservation of up to 114 residential units from the Downtown Dublin Specific Plan Development Pool.  Staff has been working with Eden over the past two years on a proposed affordable housing project with 70-114 units of affordable senior and/or special needs for the 1.3-acre site. After the State announces its awards, Eden is invited to submit a formal proposal to confirm the commitment of funding. The July 21, 2020, City Council staff report can be found here.


The following links provide information for the development community, including the City’s vacant sites inventory from the General Plan Housing Element, and affordable housing incentives.
  • The Density Bonus Regulations Ordinance  provides incentives for the development of affordable housing for all income levels as well as housing for seniors and child care facilities.
  • The City offers a fee deferral program  for multi-family residential projects of 20 units or more located within a transit district.