Fees Associated with Starting a Business

There are application fees and impact fees that vary by project type and location. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for a list of Planning Application fees.  Additionally, impact fees may be assessed at the time a Building Permit is issued.  Staff can prepare an impact fee estimate to help you budget and accurately anticipate the costs associated with starting your business.  Please contact the Economic Development Department to obtain a fee estimate.  Water and sewer connection fees can be significant. We strongly encourage you to contact the Dublin San Ramon Services District to request an estimate for water and sewer connection fees. The following are actions where fee collection occurs:

  • Planning Permits (Planning Division)
  • Sign Permit (Planning and Building Divisions)
  • Building Permit for Interior and Exterior Improvements (Building Division)
  • Water and Sewer Connection Fees (DSRSD)
  • Business License (Community Development Department)