Helpful Hints to Complete the Checklist

The following suggestions may assist applicants with the completion of the "Green Shamrock" checklist:
  • Read each measure and mark the boxes for measures that you confidently feel have been accomplished.
  • Put an asterisk next to items that you may be able to accomplish in the next six to nine months. You might want to focus on these measures to bump you up to the next level over the following year.
  • Consider completing the remaining measures at a future date to help you strive to continually improve your business sustainability.
  • Keep in mind that some measures may not specifically pertain to your type of business. Mark items that are NOT relevant as N/A - for example, outdoor water saving practices may not be relevant to business owners who lease their space from a multi-tenant commercial site. Make sure that all measures that have been satisfied have been counted in your points.
Now it’s time to add up your points for each section. On page four, there is a tally sheet - input your points earned for each section here. Submit the checklist to the Environmental Services Division via fax at 925-829-9248, or email it. You must meet the point level for at least three sections for Bronze/Silver/Green in order to be recognized at that level. Strive to complete items that will help move you up to the next level. If you fall short for the minimum required points for a level, and need assistance with completing the process, or if you have questions pertaining to environmental issues, please contact the City of Dublin Environmental Services Division at 925-833-6630, or via email, so we may assist you. Congratulations, you are on the way to sustainability and you are eligible to be recognized as a “Green Shamrock Business.”