"Green Shamrock" Business Recognition Program

What is the Green Shamrock Program?

The City of Dublin launched the Green Shamrock Business Program in order to highlight the environmental success of local Dublin businesses. Becoming a Green Shamrock Business can save you money and help to improve the greenhouse gas emissions for the City as a whole! 

Green Shamrock Program Updates

The City is working on updating this program in 2023 to make it more convenient for businesses to learn cost-saving, environmental practices and be recognized for their actions. The proposed actions to meet the three recognition levels are outlined below. 

Recognition Levels  

Bronze Level

Businesses must remain on East Bay Community Energy's Renewable 100 electricity to achieve the Bronze Level of the Green Shamrock Program. 

To support the City's Climate Action Plan 2030 and Beyond, Dublin transitioned the default electricity product for non-residential accounts to Ava Community Energy (Ava) Renewable 100 electricity in October 2022. This energy is 100% greenhouse gas free and sourced from California wind and solar facilities. Renewable 100 is offered at $0.0075 per kilowatt-hour more than Pacific Gas & Electric's (PG&E) standard rates. Customers can switch back to Ava's discount product, Bright Choice, at any time. Bright Choice is offered at 3% less than PG&E's standard rates. For more details about Ava, pleaser visit https://avaenergy.org/

Silver Level

Business must achieve the Efficiency Tier checklist of the Alameda County Green Business Program.

Requirements of the Alameda County Green Business Program Efficiency Tier:

  • Complete maintenance on HVAC systems twice a year.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting.
  • Use certified non-toxic laundry, cleaning, and building maintenance products.
  • Set up accessible landfill, compost, and recycle waste stations.
  • Perform a waste audit to maximize recycling and composting.
  • Offer employee commuting options.
  • Ensure that no wastewater, debris or litter enters storm drains near your business.
  • Keep dumpsters and any other pollutants covered and impermeable to rainwater.
  • Install low flow fixtures and high efficiency faucets, showerheads, toilets, and urinals.

Green Level

Business must become certified in the Alameda County Green Business Program

  • Register and apply to the Green Business Certification, free of charge. 
  • Get access to free technical assistance and potential rebates to help meet program requirements.
  • Complete checklist and get certified!

Benefits of the Green Shamrock  Program

  • Recognition at a Dublin City Council meeting and on the City's website, social media channels and newsletters
  • Ability to show your Green Shamrock pride with a window cling 
  • Attract environmentally-conscious consumers to your business
  • Cost savings in energy, water, and garbage bills.
  • Access to free technical assistance and potential rebates (Silver and Green levels)
  • Advertising through the Alameda County Green Business Program (Silver and Green levels)