Thank you, Dublin, for enjoying a successful and SAFE Independence Day holiday in 2021!

Safe and Sane Fireworks are allowed to be sold in the City of Dublin each year, beginning at noon on June 28 and ending at noon on July 5, by non-profit organizations who meet all of the requirements set forth in the Dublin Municipal Code Chapter 5.24.   

Each spring, non-profit organizations interested in having a booth must fill out a current fireworks packet and submit the necessary documents to Dublin City Hall (100 Civic Plaza).   Packets are mailed in early March to non-profit organizations in the City of Dublin which have sold fireworks in the past.  Other interested organizations may also pick up a packet from Dublin City Hall (100 Civic Plaza).
The use of Safe and Sane Fireworks is allowed at single-family residences in Dublin in, as well as at four local parks (Shannon Community Park, Dublin Sports Grounds, Alamo Creek Park, and Emerald Glen Park) on July 4, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  No fireworks of any type (including Safe and Sane) are ever permitted at Dublin multi-housing units or at any undesignated Dublin park, other City facility, or school.  

The City of Dublin has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal fireworks.  Those caught using illegal fireworks will be fined the maximum penalties allowed by State law, and could face jail time.  

If you need additional information, please contact Dublin Fire Prevention Staff at 925-833-6606.