Downtown Dublin Streetscape Plan

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Project Background

Earlier this year, the City Council approved the creation of a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan to assist in the implementation of the City’s existing Downtown Dublin Specific Plan (DDSP).  This plan is used to guide and encourage reinvestment in the Downtown and create a vibrant and dynamic commercial and mixed-use center.  The DDSP is 289 acres and is divided into three districts: Transit-Oriented, Retail, and Village Parkway.

The Plan is intended to strengthen the identity of the Downtown through a unified streetscape and identity program.  Items to be considered include improvements to the pedestrian experience, walkability, signage, furniture, and public art.  These potential improvements will be implemented through future public and private capital improvement projects.

Downtown Dublin Streetscape Area

Public Engagement

A Community Workshop will be held on December 13, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., in the Regional Meeting Room at Dublin City Hall (100 Civic Plaza).

This meeting will provide an opportunity for the City to gain an understanding of your ideas, history, and experiences with the existing downtown streetscape.  The City’s consultant team, which includes landscape architects and urban planners, will be supporting City Staff in engaging the community and preparing the plan.

This is the first community meeting in the development of the plan and the public engagement process. Additional community meetings will be scheduled as the project progresses.

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