Fiscal Sustainability Task Force

Fiscal Sustainability

One of the City Council's strategic objectives is to maintain the City's long-term financial sustainability.  In doing so, the City Council reviews the City's 10-Year Financial Forecast which helps it identify trends, projections or concerns. Projections from June 2016 showed a General Fund deficit by Fiscal Year 2020-21 of $0.9 million, growing to $7.4 million by Fiscal Year 2024-25. Although Fiscal Year 2015-16 included a higher-than-anticipated operating budget surplus, the additional funds will likely push the deficit out just one or two years, thus not alleviating the structural nature of the deficit. At our current service levels, and with the building and maintenance of future facilities and expanded community services, future expenditures will outpace future revenues.

Formation of a Task Force

At its November 1, 2016, City Council meeting, the City Council approved Staff's recommendation to form an Ad Hoc Fiscal Sustainability Task Force to:

  • Educate the public and foster discussion on the City of Dublin's current and projected financial status; and
  • To produce an advisory document with future budget options for the City Council to consider.

Structure of the Task Force

At the December 6, 2016, City Council meeting, the City Council approved the Mayor’s recommendations to appoint the following seven members and four alternates to the Task Force:
The Task Force will remain in effect for a one-year term and will meet bi-monthly beginning January 25, 2017.  The final advisory report is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the City Council in January or February 2018, for consideration of any related budget items to be included in the Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget Update.
  1. Members
  2. Alternates
  • Jason Canapp
  • Chih Chi Chu
  • Mike Grant
  • Jean Josey
  • Dan Mendoza
  • Kristian Reyes
  • George Zika

Task Force Tentative Schedule

Meeting Date Location Agenda Minutes
Wednesday, January 25 Dublin Library Community Room Agenda Minutes
Thursday, February 23 Shannon Center Class Room Agenda Minutes
Wednesday, March 22 City Hall Regional Meeting Room Agenda Minutes
Tuesday, April 25 City Hall Regional Meeting Room Agenda Minutes
Thursday, May 25 City Hall Regional Meeting Room Agenda Minutes
Thursday, August 3 Dublin Library Program Room Agenda Minutes
Wednesday, September 13 City Hall Regional Meeting Room Agenda
Thursday, October 19 City Hall Regional Meeting Room Agenda  
Wednesday, November 15 City Hall Regional Meeting Room    
A presentation to the Dublin City Council by the Task Force will be made in early 2018 (date to be determined).

For more information, please contact:
Jay Baksa, Financial Analyst
Hazel Wetherford, Assistant to the City Manager