Water Conservation Information

Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource. We cannot take our water supply for granted in California.  We must always be mindful of the fact that a few dry seasons could bring Northern California back into a drought situation.  Finding creative ways to save water on a daily basis will help stretch available water supplies.

What is Our Community Doing to Conserve Water?

Dublin has been a long-time proponent of recycled water usage.  Dublin San Ramon Services District started delivering recycled water to Dublin in 1999.  As of December 31, 2015, 26% of all water used by District customers was recycled water. Almost all of DSRSD’s recycled water is used for landscape irrigation. Wherever you see purple pipes or signs, those areas are utilizing recycled water. Recycled water is used to irrigate landscaping at parks, schools, roadway medians, and newer large commercial and apartment complexes in Dublin. The good news is that recycled water is not affected by the drought. But for the rest of us, conservation will be important, and possibly mandatory.

What is the City Doing to Conserve Water?

Today, over 90% of total water usage for Dublin's municipal operations is recycled water, including landscaping at parks, schools, roadway medians, facilities, and newer large commercial and residential complexes.  Irrigation controllers and recycled water are in place at all but one City park.  The irrigation controllers utilize weather data online to control when and how much water is needed.   In addition, in 2013, all City facilities were updated with low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads. 

What Can You Do to Conserve Water?

View Tips and Best Practices on how to reduce your water footprint, or check out our links to more water conservation information.